Greetham Parish Council BAP

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In 2022 the parish council of Greetham, Rutland tasked Ecology Resources Ltd with delivering their biodiversity action plan (BAP).

Over the last few months our Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) team have been working hard to assess the current ecological situation in Greetham and designing plans to preserve and improve the parish’s biodiversity. Objectives set out in this BAP are loosely based on those set out in the Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland BAP and the document will act as a tool for land-use decision making.

Habitat restoration is a vital strategy in combatting biodiversity loss and climate change. Within Greetham, specific areas were outlined which provided the best opportunities for habitat restoration and improvement.

The BAP highlights recommended improvements which can be made across Greetham. A common theme recommended across most habitat types is reduction in vegetation management. This is important for allowing vegetation to grow to maturity thereby supporting increased biodiversity. Further planting of native wildflowers, orchards and hedgerows will improve habitat connectivity across the parish.

Recommended actions also include habitat enhancement in existing woodlands as well as introducing artificial wildlife refuges, such as bird and bat boxes, bee hotels and log piles, across Greetham.

It is the hope of Ecology Resources that this BAP will be successfully implemented as a tool to help make nature-based decisions within Greetham parish council and ultimately reverse biodiversity loss in the parish.

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