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The lungs of our planet, tree planting is often a required mitigation or compensation measure on projects.

With the accelerating worldwide climate crisis in mind, a particular emphasis has been put on trees as a means to reinstate much-needed habit at for wildlife (AKA “rewilding”), sequester carbon, mitigate flooding, cool air temperature and promote people’s wellbeing and mental health. Tree planting not only is a very effective tool to improve the quality of the landscape and deliver a whole range of ecosystem services but is also legacy for our future generations.

At ER, we can assist with: 

  • selection, planting & design for amenity and landscape, including soil assessment to determine species suitability.
  • recommendations for tree stock management in a variety of scenarios, ranging from newly planted trees in public open space to mature trees in woodland, identifying and engaging with stakeholders where required in order to set-out achievable objectives without driving conflict.
  • design and delivery of a monitoring programme (i.e. when biodiversity gain is amongst the objectives) aimed to review the progress versus set-targets.
  • liaising with planners, we can also assist with Woodland Creation Grants throughout the whole process, from design to application, planting and management by partnering with trustworthy contractors.

How can Ecology Resources help?

We have a ready, willing and able team of experienced consultants and ground workers to advice, source and plant the appropriate trees that your project may need.

To discuss your tree planting or stock management requirements further, feel free to ring us during office hours, or email us at anytime.

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