Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

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Course title: Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

Venue: Lenwade (near Norwich), with field excursions around Norfolk

Duration: Two-day intensive course (includes a late evening on the first day)

Max no. attendees: 15

Cost: £675 per person

Course dates: we will be running Level 1 courses regularly between May and September 2024

Lead Tutor: Dr Charlotte (Lotty) Packman

About the course

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to utilise the Level 1 Bat Survey Class Licence (CL17) methods and practise their common applications. The Level 1 Course is designed to complement and strengthen your wider training and may be used to kick-start your bat training, as a ‘boost’ to your existing experience or to help you complete your training towards the Level 1 licence, filling in gaps and building skills and confidence.

The Level 1 licence permits the disturbance and surveying of bats by observation, including the use of artificial light (e.g. torches). The licence does not cover hibernating bats, use of an endoscope, any capture methods or handling of bats.

More information on the Level 1 Class Licence can be found here.

This course is ideal for those new to the world of bats and looking to gain new skills, as well as for those who already have a good basic knowledge of, and experience with, bats and are working towards their Level 1 licence.

Course session topics

  • The UK bat species
  • Legislation, conservation status & licensing
  • Bat roosts
  • Building inspections (inc. practical session)
  • Assessing tree roost potential (inc. practical session)
  • Emergence & re-entry surveys (inc. practical session)
  • Using the Level 1 licence

Common applications of the Level 1 licence

  • Carrying out bat roost inspections of buildings to assess roost potential/status and species present
  • Assessing and categorising the roost potential of trees
  • Conducting bat emergence/re-entry surveys (especially where there is potential to cause disturbance/the roost area will be entered)
  • Collection of survey data contributing to European Protected Species (EPS) bat mitigation licence applications for development projects

NB: substantial experience and additional references are required to support those wishing to be the Named Ecologist on EPS licence applications. EPS licence applications are not covered in this course.

Level 1 course learning outcomes

  • Describe the law relating to UK bats
  • Explain which actions can and cannot be carried out under the Level 1 Bat Survey Class Licence
  • Identify roosting bat species
  • Apply the Level 1 licence survey methods to safely and effectively plan and carry out i) bat roost visual inspections of buildings (using artificial light); ii) bat roost visual/ground assessments of trees and; iii) bat emergence/re-entry surveys

The course focusses on the Level 1 ‘licensable activities’ (and the skills and knowledge needed to support these) i.e. observation of bats including the use of artificial light (torches). Therefore, non-licensable activities such as acoustic surveys and analysis of sound recordings are not covered in this course.

What is required for a Level 1 licence?

Currently there are no standardised guidelines on experience criteria for a Level 1 licence. However, based on our experience training many ecological consultants, arborists, researchers, students, bat group members and volunteers, our expectations for those seeking a Level 1 licence reference are as listed above under the ‘Level 1 course learning outcomes’. We expect those participants who are seeking a reference/‘Course Completion Certificate’ to have completed at least one full season of regularly carrying out bat activities, including emergence/re-entry surveys, visual inspections (buildings and trees) and using bat detectors, as evidenced in a training log.

Licence reference (‘Course Completion Certificate’)

To meet the standard needed for a Level 1 licence, participants will need to have additional experience i.e. the course alone cannot provide all the experience you will need for your Level 1 licence (see above). Please note that provision of a ‘Course Completion Certificate’, which can be used in place of one reference for a licence application, is at the discretion of the course tutor and will only be provided if the tutor is fully satisfied that the participant has met the required standard, has passed the course assessment and following review of a satisfactory training log.

Following the course, all attendees will be provided with a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate.

About the course tutor

Our Principal Bat Ecologist Dr Charlotte (Lotty) Packman specialises in bat consultancy, research and training. Based in Norwich, Lotty holds Level 3 and 4 Bat Survey Class Licences, is a Registered Consultant for the Bat Mitigation Class Licence and Bats in Churches Class Licence and also holds individual bat project/research licences. Having led research at the University of Bristol on the management of bats in churches, Lotty now supervises MSc research projects on bats in the UK and abroad and has extensive experience with bat trapping and radio-tracking.

Lotty was an Assessor for the Natural England Bat Earned Recognition pilot scheme and a member of the Technical Review Panel for the updating of BCT’s Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists – Good Practice Guidelines (4th edition). Lotty is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and a Chartered Biologist.

To book your place on one of our 2024 Level 1 bat training courses, click your preferred date.

Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

14-15 May 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

29-30 May 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

19-20 June 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Level 1 Bat Licence Training Course

10-11 September 2024 (SOLD OUT)


Who is the course aimed at?

Ecological consultants, researchers, students, bat group members and enthusiasts working towards their Level 1 Bat Survey Class Licence.

What is the main focus of the course?

The course focusses on the Level 1 ‘licensable activities’ (and the skills and knowledge needed to support these), such as surveying structures for bats using artificial light (visual inspections/PRAs), assessing roost potential of trees, emergence & re-entry surveys, visual identification of bats.

I will need to stay locally. Are accommodation / evening meals included?

The course fees include includes lunches, teas/coffees/snacks but not dinner, breakfast or accommodation. Our experience is that people prefer to choose and book their own accommodation. There are lots of decent hotels to suit all budgets in the Norwich area.

I bought a ticket but now cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

If you cancel 14 or more days before the course date, and we can fill your place, you will get a full course refund, minus Eventbrite’s fees (contact them direct for further details). All refunds will be processed by Eventbrite, directly back onto the card you used to book the course.

I am ill but I really don’t want to miss out. Can I still attend?

If you are sick, you should not attend. We will refund you as above, or book you onto the next available course, whichever is your preference. Rebooking onto a later course will incur no additional charge.

If you have Covid, it is crucial that you do not attend, not only for your own and the group’s wellbeing, but to adhere to guidelines regarding the potential risk of transmission to bats.  

Are non-licensable activities covered by this course?

No, the course focus is on licensable activities and so subjects like acoustic surveys and bat call analysis are not covered.

I like bats but know nothing about them. Do I need any prior knowledge?

No previous experience or knowledge is required, but to get the most from the course you will find a familiarity with UK bats beneficial. For those hoping to gain a licence reference, please see the “what is required for a Level 1 licence” section of the course webpage.

Is this course only for ecological consultants?

No. Many of our attendees are indeed consultants, but we also regularly have researchers, students, arborists/foresters and bat enthusiasts/volunteers attending. The course is open to anybody and everybody.

I have accessibility requirements. Do you cater for me?

We aim to accommodate everybody as best we can. Please contact us direct to discuss your needs.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Please send us an email at training@ecologyresources.co.uk and we will aim to get back to you within 48hrs.

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