Tree Condition & Arb Risk Assessments

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Competent assessment is critical to Duty of Care and the longevity of the tree stock.

Why might I need a tree survey?

Landowners have a Duty of Care towards the general public and critical infrastructures. Trees have evolved to withstand extreme atmospheric events and have developed mechanisms to tackle stress induced by pathogens and diseases; when in good conditions, they can generally be regarded as safe even when of a prominent size.

Nonetheless, in the built environment trees require regular monitoring and management to ensure that they grow healthy and that any defects and diseases likely to lead to failure are identified and addressed proactively.

What does an assessment focus on?

Our arboriculturists can assess the health and structural integrity of individual trees as well as of a large tree stock, using the widely recognised method known as Visual Tree Assessment (VTA).

At this level, the survey focuses on the identification of decay and diseases, growth defects and their likelihood to induce failure.

The survey report provides recommendations for remedial actions aimed to meet health and safety requirements and preserve structural integrity to ensure longevity.

How can Ecology Resources help?

This page serves as an introduction. We offer free advice regarding all tree condition and arb risk assessment-related matters.

To discuss your tree condition survey or arb risk assessment requirements further, feel free to ring us during office hours, or email us at anytime.

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