Drone surveys

Working in collaboration with drone experts Quayle Industries Ltd, we use drones to assist our surveyors in a range of different tasks, saving them time onsite, and giving them a snapshot of the area they are assessing at the time of the survey. This is done by mapping the area using a highly accurate drone, which allows our Ecologists to quickly categorise areas of interest, and minimise the time spent on location. With this targeted approach it is possible to reduce the overall survey time by up to 75%.

Drones are a great way to monitor wildlife without disturbing the area in question, flying at height and using specialised zoom and thermal cameras, species can be identified and counted without stepping foot in the area, reducing the impact of disturbance and ‘spooking’ the wildlife present.

We also undertake ecological drone surveys on buildings due to be demolished, to ensure no birds were nesting in areas unable to be seen from the ground.  We have successfully delayed demolition dates to allow sensitive or rare bird species to finish brooding and finish nesting before any works commence.

Using drone technology to carry out ecology surveys is beneficial because

  • They are unobtrusive
  • They can cover a large area quickly
  • The level of precision is very high, and can offer different resolutions depending on the task in question
  • They can access areas that are difficult or dangerous to enter in person

The resolution of the maps are directly affected by the height at which the drone is flown whilst collecting the data. The lower the drone flies the better the resolution of the final map, so the maps can be produced completely bespoke to suit your project requirements.

To ensure the operation is carried out in the safest manner possible, it’s important to make sure who you use for ecological surveying with a drone is fully qualified to do so, holds the correct permissions from the Civilian Aviation Authority, and is adequately insured to cover both you and them in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens. You can rest assured that Ecology Resources Ltd has you covered!

This 3d model is a project we recently worked on together, as part of a pre-works inspection at All Saints Church in Rutland – a well known soprano maternity site – for any new potential bat access points ahead of planned masonry works to the Church Tower, without the need for expensive and laborious scaffolding.

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