Birdfair 2022 – ER’s Stand

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Skulls, pelts, skins, nests, pellets and fossils… calling all the weird and wonderful! It’s Global Birdfair 2022!

A three-year hiatus. Thousands of people flocking from across the world to the English countryside. Legends of the scene. It could only mean one thing…

Birdfair is back with a bang as the re-branded Global Birdfair! 20,000 naturalists took to Oakham for a weekend, and we had a triple stand at the heart of it, the theme of which paid homage to British Ecology with fantastic displays ranging from Dr Ross Piper’s insect specimens (which were blown up large on a TV from a microscope) to displays on how biodiversity affects the food we eat.

We had our botanists, Ian and Mick, on the ferns. Mammal expert, Roy, on the skulls; skins and pelts. One of our project managers, Elliot, guarding the harvest mice on display, Max proudly telling anybody that asked all about his UK fossil collection, including a cave bear and cave lion jaws, common seal  and various British bird skulls and our Director and lover of birds, John, running a birding ID game.

It was a fantastic weekend spent with friends old and new with a shared passion. We even had a visit from a baby alligator!

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