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Each year, every staff member receives a £500 allowance to donate to a charity of their choice. Some of our charities this year include:

Here we highlight one of the great charities we are supporting, Panamerican Conservation Association (APPC).

Georgie, after having volunteered with them some years ago and helped care for the animals there, chose the APPC, an organisation based in Soberanía National Park, Panama, for her donation this year. The APPC is Panama’s leader in wildlife rescue, focusing on sloths in particular. They rescue and care for sick, injured and orphaned animals, providing long-term care to those who need it. We have just recently had correspondence from them…

This is Burunga, a two-toed sloth who has been having issues with his eyes, after a very sad incident which happened to him and his mother. APPC are caring for him and are trying to get the money together for his much-needed eye surgery, and our donation is helping to achieve this! Nestor, an Director at APPC, said:

“This is perfect timing, since we are right now trying to raise money for the eye surgery of a 6 months old baby that was brutally attack by a person that also kill his mother, his name is Burunga, and he is a two toed sloth.  If you are ok with that, we would like to use the money for the surgery, treatment and recovery and also post on our social media who is helping us with” 

– Nestor Correa, M.S. , Executive Director, Asociación Panamericana para la Conservación (APPC)

We are all feeling very hopeful here at ER, and grateful for knowing that with just a small donation we are helping with cases like this one.

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