The East West Rail Alliance

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In 1963 British Rail chief Dr Richard Beeching proposed cuts that ended passenger services on around a third of the UK rail network. Since 2020, we have been providing ecological advice and support for Atkins on the East West Rail Alliance programme that will restore some of that network.

Much of the EWR track will reinstate former railway lines sacked by the ‘Beeching Cuts’ in the 1960s

The EWRA multi-billion-pound infrastructure project involves the reinstatement of such disbanded railway lines between Oxford and Bedford back to life, and continue with a new route onto Cambridge, directly linking for the first time by rail the two great seats of international learning.

We have worked closely with Atkins Environmental Team, the project’s ecology lead, providing on-site supervision and species-specific surveys. 

Our Clerks of Works were responsible for checking areas of vegetation prior to any groundworks to ensure that no animal species are harmed, protected or otherwise, and for the implementation of the precautionary methods of work stipulated by Atkins’ ecologists. Working closely with contractors, scores of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates were safely translocated to ecological compensation sites and out of harm’s way. Nesting bird sites were also protected and safeguarded while enabling works were being delivered. 

One of the bespoke great crested newt receptor areas for the East West Rail project providing a safe haven for the European protected species

Ecology Resources are proud to have contributed to the successful delivery of a project which will improve low-emission transport and hope to remain involved with subsequent stages of the project.

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