Reptiles at Dickenson’s Meadow

  • Reptiles at Dickenson’s Meadow

    During one of my regular autumn visits to our staff training facility, Dickenson’s Meadow @ Rutland Water, I found this juvenile grass snake Natrix natrix. We’ve previously carried out numerous projects […]

  • Health and Wellbeing

    At Ecology Resources we feel strongly that the health and wellbeing of our staff is paramount to the delivery of our vision and a moral obligation. Last summer two members […]

  • The East West Rail Alliance

    In 1963 British Rail chief Dr Richard Beeching proposed cuts that ended passenger services on around a third of the UK rail network. Since 2020, we have been providing ecological […]

  • Muscardinus avellanarius

    The Hazel Dormouse UK population has declined by half in the past 20 years. Climate change, bad woodland management practices and habitat fragmentation due to the loss of hedgerows to […]

  • A Great Place to Work

    We’re delighted to announce that Ecology Resources, for the 2nd year running, has been ranked as a Best Small UK Workplace™ for Wellbeing in 2023, to add to our suite of […]

  • Staff Charities

    Each year, every staff member receives a £500 allowance to donate to a charity of their choice. Some of our charities this year include: Here we highlight one of the […]

  • Birdfair 2022 – ER’s Stand

    Skulls, pelts, skins, nests, pellets and fossils… calling all the weird and wonderful! It’s Global Birdfair 2022! A three-year hiatus. Thousands of people flocking from across the world to the […]

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